ME634 Robotics course projects

    • a. Goal Keeper Robot: This 3-DOF RRR robot is programmed in Simulink. It scans the field and detects the ball by image processing and commands the end effector to go to the specified point.

    • b. Liquid Pouring Robot: This is a 3DOF RRR water-pouring robot. The robot gets the place of the bottle picks it and takes it to a mug position and pours it and puts back the bottle.

    • c. Face Follower: This is a 4-DOF robot. The robot detects the face and follows it. Position and orientation of the face is detected by image processing using a camera attached to the end effector.

    • d. Pick and Place Robot: This is a 3-DOF RRR robot. The robot detects size of an object and then performs a pick and place task. In the first module, the robot grips the object with any size and according to the size (small, medium and big) puts it into the corresponding place. In the second module, the robot puts them on top of each other.

    • e. Robot Basketball Player: Robot detects the ball weight and either shoots it or drops it according to the weight .