ME492 Senior graduation projects

  • a. Robotic Finger: As a graduation project, a 3 DOF anthropomorphic finger with a tactile sensor is developed. The developed robotic finger has position and force control. Position of the tip can be controlled by entering the desired position into the designed GUI for the robot. In the force controlled mode the desired force can be entered to the GUI and the robot will apply that determined force at the finger tip. After the graduation as an extra property, control by image processing is added. The robot finger follows the tip of the finger of the person who wears a glove.

  • b. Parallel Robotic Platform: A 3-DOF robotic manipulator is designed and constructed as a graduation project. It generates two rotational axis motion about X and Y axes, and one linear motion in Z-axis. The objective specification of the mechanism are listed below:
    • – ± 25º maximum rotation angles about X and Y axis – 12 cm stroke along the Z direction
    • – 0.5 N.m rotation torque for both axes – 5 N force along Z direction