Design of a Two-Degree-of-Freedom Gripper for Parallel Manipulators


Parallel manipulators are closed-loop mechanisms presenting superior performance compared to serial manipulators in terms of speed, accuracy, precision, and rigidity. They have been used in a large number of applications ranging from packaging to flight simulators, and have recently been more popular in the industry. Although parallel manipulators are fast enough for most of the industrial operations, certain packaging tasks, such as in food industry, require multiple objects to be picked at the same time. Considering randomly arriving objects on a conveyor, this task becomes challenging and cycle time increases. In this study, it is aimed at designing a two-degrees-of-freedom gripper for parallel manipulators in order to overcome this difficulty. Preliminary analyses have been performed using a three axis delta robot for a typical pick-and-place task. It was shown that the design reduces cycle time and the energy required to perform the task. This project has been done with financial support from the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, and HKTM A.S. (SANTEZ no 0979.STZ.2015)